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7:47 a.m. - 2023-07-12
Mixing it up, trying to do the things that might bring me back above water, so let's start with a nice survey from Tumblr:
what song makes you feel better?
currently: daylight, by harry styles; historically, dyslexic heart by paul westerburg.

what’s your feel-good movie?
currently: free solo, historically: philidelphia story

what’s your favorite candle scent?
something linen-y or ocean-y ideally with some citrus undertones.

what flower would you like to be given?
lilacs, but they are hyper-seasonal, so Gerber daisies win my heart every time.

who do you feel most you around?
my dog, sadly.

say three nice things about yourself (three physical and three non-physical).
i have lovely hazel eyes, my laugh is unique, i have good tattoos. i am a seeker of information, am endlessly curious about what makes people tick, and i appreciate a gorgeous sunrise.

what color brings you peace?

tag someone (or multiple people) who make you feel good.

what calms you down?
my dog

what’s something you’re excited for?
bumbershoot - seeing jawbreaker after missing their gig in town last year.

what’s your ideal date?
dinner and a dog walk on the coast.

how are you?
exhausted, emotionally and physically.

what’s your comfort food?
french fries

favorite feel-good show?
currently: ted lasso. historically: the office

for every emoji you get, tag someone and describe them in one word.

compliment the person who sent you this number.
i stole this.

fairy lights or LED lights?
fairy lights

do you still love stuffed animals?
love is a bit strong, but i still have Sebastian (the teddy bear i have had since high school) displayed in plain view in my bedroom

most important thing in your life?
my dog

what do you want most in the world right now?

if you could tell your past self one thing, what would it be?
you are not fat

what would you say to your future self?
give it a whirl

favorite piece of clothing?
that blue-grey flannel shirt

what’s something you do to de-stress?
cross stitch

what’s the best personal gift someone could give you (playlist, homemade card, etc.)
letter, or anything they made themselves

what movie would you want to live in?
the great race

which character would you want to be?
natalie wood's

hugs or hand-holding?

morning, afternoon or night?
afternoon dinnertime

what reminds you of home (doesn’t have to mean house… just things that remind you of the feeling of home)?
wearing a hoodie on a cloudy day


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