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10:22 a.m. - 2022-08-11
Another brick in the wall.
To be honest, it is somewhat incredible that a whole life can be lived without any plan whatsoever.
In 24 hours, I'll have existed on this planet for 56 years.
How did that happen? How much longer can this dog & pony show go on? How does the final act (to paraphrase effing Brad Pitt recently....Brad Pitt ffs, talking about the end of his career) unfold when you have no savings, no kids, no incoming inheritance that would do more than buy an oil change to help soften the blow?
I am genuinely interested in the single folks in my income-controlled building who seem to have a similar existence.
It doesn't seem terrible, but me dying fat and naked after falling over in the shower after too many edibles is legitimately a best-case scenario.
Yikes. Plus, as I read over my archived brilliance (LOL) I feel like social media and a less-than-challenging job has really contributed to an atrophied brain pan.
It'd be sad, if it wasn't all predictable.
Shouldn't have shot that speed back in '87, done that acid in '90, or drank entire bottles of wine alone for most of the '90s.
Yep, oh, and the cocaine too. Can't forget about the cocaine.
It's funny to see HS writing songs about it so blithely, and I'm all "hah! been there, done that!" and I wasn't even a world-renowned popstar.
Heh, I should have tried everything.


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